Grace Under Fire Pictures


Ok....I am obviously bias towards Fala right here ^^; As I said before, I have no interest in this series beside Fala and Kenneth. After looking at these photos though, I do have a higher anticipation for it =)

I absolutely love Fala's look in here! Absolutely gorgeous! My favourite outfit of hers is probably the 4th one (pinkish purple with the purple flowers). She really looks good in it and her hair is so pretty too!! For her 2nd last outfit, I don't really like it because of the frills but absolutely love the hat!

Oh! For my favourite picture, it is the 2nd pic after the costume pictures of Fala and Kenneth. lols Fala seems to be scolding and poor Kenneth is just standing there! So cute! Haha, Fala looks good with both Bosco and Kenneth.....dunno who I prefer more now xD


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